george! for PowerPoint 2010

george! for PowerPoint 2010

george! for PowerPoint

Optimize PowerPoint for Print Distribution

george! for PowerPoint sends PowerPoint files to Word in your choice of 64 page layout and document style combinations. george! makes it easy to build formatted Word documents from your PowerPoint slides and notes. Use george! documents to support presentations that include PowerPoint. george! documents make impressive handouts for your audience, and you can also use them for your speaker notes.

george! documents always have a professional appearance. The Word documents that george! builds include a cover page, an acknowledgements page, a table of contents, topic and subtopic headers and footers, your slide images – sized the way you need them, your slide notes – if you want them included, lines for capturing hand-written notes, and page numbers. george! documents are Word documents, so they are easy to edit, share and print. george! even adds an easy-to-use formatting ribbon to Word to help you maintain consistency as you edit your george! documents.

george! documents are easy to update from PowerPoint when changes are made to your slide files. george! will replace the slide images and even the slide notes in your Word documents as needed, saving you time and ensuring comprehensive updating.

george! for PowerPoint is an add-in to Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010. The genuine Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 software must be installed and activated on your computer before you install george! for PowerPoint.

george! for PowerPoint 2010


george! for PowerPoint 2010

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    Cool product.
    Very easy to use and it's fast. You can create a handout from your slide deck in no time..   More